Hottest Real Estate Market…

The Lake Chelan Mirror has done the research and it’s looking good…Hottest market since 2006.

Read more here-

Real estate market hottest since ’06
By Al Lorenz
Real Estate BloggerWith half the year over, 2012 is so far the best year in Lake Chelan real estate sales since 2006. First quarter sales are above every year since 2005 and second quarter sales by transaction are only exceeded by 2006. For June, transactions were up by 57 percent.Not only that, but pricing is up too. Average sales price in June was up 74 percent. The quarterly numbers were good too, with 2nd quarter average price the highest seen since 2008. Distressed sales were 36 percent of transactions for June.

It gets even better. There was another sale of a waterfront home for over $1.5 million and there is a deal in process on another home over $1 million. In 2011, there was only one sale that was barely over $1 million. So, compared to this year where we have 3 sales above last year’s, high end home buyers have made a reappearance at Lake Chelan.

Check out the data on the Lake Chelan Residential Real Estate Sales Summary: at

If you wanted to buy a Lake Chelan home at the bottom of the market, unless something changes dramatically, you should have bought last year!


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